Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hop On Hop Off Kuala Lumpur

I have been to so many places in Malaysia this year and i have dragged a lot of person with me. Ha ha..well actually this trip around KL with this bus was my second one. There should be 6 of us cause we plan this trip to celebrate 2 of our bff's birthday but unfortunately they can't come. So, since we have been planning and so energetic then we proceed there on. We taking the bus from Titiwangsa stop cause we park the car near there. The ticket price for Malaysian started at Rm19 for adult and students/children Rm12. For more ticket info please click here.

 These trees are nice and they wanna play hide and seek with me..ha ha..going to the bus stop

 Actually Nano want to go to Washroom we ambush Panggung/Istana Budaya ( Palace of Culture)..just behid our bus stop

After around 1hour ( they promise 30min interval between bus) and couple of phone calls our bus finally arrived..our first stop was Menara Kuala Lumpur ( KL Tower)..

There's a pony ride for those who wants to try..

You can drive ( sort like simulator) F1 car here also..

Asean Garden..all these have to pay separate fees.. not worth it if you ask me..

Outside the main tower..walking towards entrance..

After walking around ( we didn't go up the KL Tower) we took another bus that came after that. Next stop on our list was Taman Burung ( Bird's Park) since a lot places also either we've gone to or not  really a bother to go..

Entrance fee is Rm20 per person. Please click here for fees..the park is really big and do bring a lot of water supply since you know la place like this prices tend to skyrocket into something absurd..don't miss the show cause they're awesome. We got to see the eagle's feeding and also the bird's show.  It was fun and amazing. So do come at the right time so that you won't missed the grand show.'ll see them a lot as you stroll inside the park..

If you do not bring enough water..this is what you'll become..ha ha

After the Bird's Park were so exhausted that we just stayed in the bus and enjoyed the scenery. We were lucky to get a very funny guy as the tourist guide. It was fun as he tease us and we tease them back. Such a wonderful Malaysian culture.

 So hot but we still went outside on the open deck..

 Open deck ..behind us Dataran Merdeka..

  Last stop..Star Hill ( Bukit Bintang)..

We then went down at Star Hill pit stop and yeah we went for shopping..ha ha..we were so tired even when we don't really went down a lot..only the Bird's Park really a killer..overall is was fun cause we don't have to pay anything except Rm19 and we can go to a lot of places. The buzz kill.. the wait..sometimes 30minutes interval wasn't really executed well since there's the traffic delay and some minor causes.. but then what can you expect in this metropolitan city right.. 

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