Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Life bring many changes..in so many ways.. it can be now, later or maybe couple of years but changes occur everyday..

Sometimes those changes happen to your heart, feelings rather than environment around you. You may lose somebody somewhere along the road and all you can do is keep walking or hitch another ride. I won't feel sad for long if anything happen cause i know life go on even without you and i want to be there when it goes. I don't want to be some ghost who suddenly appear and don't know how many times he has lose just because he felt disappointed in someone. 

Sure in life you have to consider other people around you since you are not alone in this world but don't lose yourself in the process. I have a strong sense of responsibility but i take myself important too above others. There's nothing selfish in wanting something that you're capable to achieve without hurting others.

My dream sure seem kinda far to grab but i would definitely reach there no matter what time i have to take to get there. And along the way i will shower everyone with my love and compassion. Cause i want to be remember as someone who dear to heart always..

I am creating the ME in this world and i won't fall if i fail in my first creation. Instead i will go on further and add more to get the perfect ME.

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