Monday, October 31, 2011

Barbeque at Pantai Puteri


You can say we had an eventful weekend since we best bud's done a little travel down to Melaka and had a barbeque party at the beach on Saturday night. We had a lots of iodin and protein intake that night. There's squid, prawn, marinated chicken and 120pcs marinated yummy yummy hotdog-Special recipe from Mr Syazwan Fikri and i almost forgot to mention 4 big size fishes. We only manage to swallowed 3 of it ;) . Awesome.

Just having to relax at the beach at night while barbequing was really fun and exciting in the same line cause we had conversations and they were playing 20 questions. Ha ha..yeah, it's a great event.. Pantai Puteri still retain it's beaches unlike Klebang where there has been major changes with the Dataran 1 Malaysia taking place, so the beach kinda no where to be seen from the road. To come here is easy also and if you're from the town you will pass Klebang first before you see the stretch of beaches of Pantai Puteri. 

Then yesterday we back from Melaka at the earliest of 3p.m and think it's kind a early so we hit Wangsa Walk and head out to Superstar karaoke. They are using touch screen for the interface on choosing the songs. We took 2 hours and it cost us Rm51 plus 2 drinks. We take small room which by any account can fit until 6 to 8 person comfortably. So it's a nice room and nice selection of songs. Which by the way are kind a updated coz i got to sing Lithium-Evanescence ;)..

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