Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 Types Of Cheese Pizza Hut

 Our Pizza.. in the advertisement they flatten the cheese ball with knife first before eat..don't try to put it into ur mouth like that..



Yesterday after work bb sent me to PWTC lrt station cause i need to head up to my friend house in Pandan Indah. I was going to hitch a ride with her back hometown. Then it's raining pouring like waterfall all over us. Since bb was hungry ( he always does) then i suggested that we try to eat at The Mall since i doesn't favor that Mamak cross the road from the LRT station. It is expensive for just Mamak ok, something i cannot accept.

 I Love this art..just behind our seating

So since there's a bunch of fast food joining only in da house so he pick up Pizza Hut. The reason : no need to queue up and got someone to service us. So typical of him-the rich guy syndrome again ha ha ha..

He felt like eating Super Supreme but since the price isn't worth it we tried the new one. With a lot of cheese and we take pepperoni flavor. Wow surprisingly the Pizza here really are better than any other places. The garlic bread came up crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mushroom soup ok and the Pizza came pretty quick. And let me tell you, Must Try, even toppings with a lot of cheese it was great. On the crust it's like they put chili flakes and pepper making it spicy a bit while cheesy. Really rejoice oh my taste buds..
This garlic bread were simply heaven. Crispy on the outside and so soft inside. Yummy ;) 

 My Mushroom's good..see how i ate it..lots of cheese and just put pepper :p

Our 2 person set cost us Rm39 ( round up) inclusive tax and everything. And did you know Tobasco Sos is not Halal. I just knew it yesterday since bb request it from them and they told us about it. Really hate it when it's happen huh. We already used to eat it and suddenly it's not halal. Ptuihhhh...

Overall i would recommend you tries the new Pizza and certainly The Mall branch of Pizza Hut House..xoxo

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