Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real Steel - Watch it already!!


Last nite i was watching this movie with my bb at Kepong, Jusco. He really want to watch this movie so what the heck. Give him a surprise with the ticket also. Ha ha.
Then bb bought me a set of popcorn with water tumbler which got brain model on top of it. I think from a new horror movie or something. But it was so nice.  I'll upload the photo tomorrow maybe.

Ok, the movie is quite nice. There's that slow part, the fighting part and also exciting part. There's a lesson learn and also actions. So overall it's not boring but i do sense a loss of kick somewhere. Still not good enough to earn 5 stars from me but bb said it's ok..he expected it would not be that good..ha ha such a master of perception. 

Anyway i could give it 31/2 stars.. i won't bother to watch it a second time though. That's just me ;)

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