Thursday, October 27, 2011

FRIM, hiking, cycling & waterfall!!

Of course i'm taking only the picture of waterfall..we're always went there every time. Well the waterfall isn't at all great. It is too shallow for swimming and the water fall slightly lower than certified waterfall. If you have gone to Sagil - Gunung Ledang Waterfall, Johor you would learn that FRIM waterfall is not worth mention at all.That was our favorite hang out during University time..ha ha so nostalgic.

So, this Frim is near Selayang and to enter you have to pay Rm4 for a car and each person in the car Rm 1. Yeah , if you tell me it's absurd and a lot of person think that way too. Because of that you can see a lot of cars park before the main gate especially those who own cycles. But since the waterfall so far away to walk on foot we opted for expensive option. Paying. Duhh..

If you got a bunch of small kids then it's ok to go for this waterfall. And if you're also happen to be really lazy but want to go to waterfall then this is the place. Situated quite near, Selayang, since we're in Damansara only so it was our choice for early morning bath ;)

Overall you can also choose to go hiking or the hanging bridge ( have to pay also..wa wa wa) or any other activities that you like with your friends or family. I even saw once they're playing badminton. This place is so green and so fresh. What a way to spend your weekday or holiday..

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