Friday, October 28, 2011

I am Trying to Practise this..

So whenever i felt angry i try to smile back - which by the way is really hard to do..and right now i am smiling really wide..short Life doesn't exclude people from being harsh, from being awful to other people and from being unreasonable about something. 

Sometimes it's just sucks to have one whole lot of peoples who tend to make other people misery and uncomfortable. When they can just let people be happy but refuse to do it in the name of their selfishness and for their pride. When they can actually share the happiness and laugh more with increasing number of person. But they choose what they believe instead of taking risk on making other person happy.

I guess everyone in this world, one way or another is selfish. I am too, i guess. Somehow to be happy i am willing to be selfish but i am a far cry from cruel. I know there's a limit and i know world doesn't belong to me. I have sacrifice a lot on my part.. i have protect.. i have withdraw and i have been the softest of flowers but somehow people still mean, still doesn't realize and still too shallow to see the truth..and to give their blessing.. 

But i will hold to this ..

coz in the end ..

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