Friday, October 28, 2011

Sri Gombak Sate


For Sate one of my favorite foods the nearest i would like to go to enjoy it is at Sri Gombak. The stall is next to Selera Anda shop. It's like Medan Selera and you have to take the second way in to Sri Gombak for nearest route. This direction only compatible if you're from Selayang not from Melawati route. The Medan Selera would situated beside the 3 petrol station in Sri Gombak, Shell-BP /Esso-Petronas. Selera Anda would be the first shop from the route and the last if you see the petrol station first on your right hand side. 

In Kajang my favaorite Sate would be the restaurant just beside the Prescott Metro Inn Kajang. That Sate was awesome also. I am avoiding Hj Samuri's sate since it's really doesn't suit my taste. It's big , yeah and expensive also but the meat doesn't seem tender and burn nicely. 

Sri Gombak sate is tender, cooked like i like it and the gravy is really nice. You just got to try it. Yesterday night i went there with my bb cause we sort of don't know where to head up for dinner. 

One stick of Sate is Rm 0.60 and we ordered 15pcs ( Rm9). Apart from that i ordered cockles , bb ordered Tomyam Poktek ( got crab, lala , prawn and squid) -Rm7 and we took Lai Chi Kang.Overall the price inclusive Sate was Rm21 only.

Normally i would order Sup Tulang cause i felt that in this shop it is one of the best Sup Tulang also la. Surely cannot beat the one my father always make for me and what is found in Melaka. But this one decent enough for me to like it.

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