Friday, October 28, 2011

Mee Rebus My Special Thursday Treat

Special day for me on Thursday Lunch. Cause at Groupbase Thai Food, Sri Damansara served special Mee Rebus on this day. It was awesome even for me who doesn't eat octopus. The gravy is thick and well made and it was cheap. Around Rm5 i think. There's also big size bowl for those who think my bowl is too small. i tried the big bowl and can't finished it even when that time i'm pretty hungry. So choose wisely oo..

The other one is Kue tiaw Beef ( Rm 6). There's two type. If you order the Kuew tiaw Beef Ginger with Spring onion it would have been soup base. Usually i take that one when i eat. This no soup base is always bb's choice.

Groupbase is a fine restaurant. A mixed of Malay and Chinese and Thai also. The food is good but tad bit expensive sometimes. Especially for the mixed rice corner. Another fav here is Kuew tiaw Kung Fuu or In Nyung. The portion for ala carte is quite big and you will be full and i guess all and all worth the price. I don't really recommend for the Western Food in here though.

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