Monday, October 24, 2011

Genting Babes!!


Well we went there on Saturday 22.10.2011 just for sight seeing and taking picture with my Nikon and of course since Zura never been there. Since my salary not really in yet so we can only walk around la. Ha ha but it's been really fun just walking around taking cool pictures and chat with friends. 

We arrive there at around 10 something and we went straight to cable car there. First time i'm riding it and i am really a scarity cat. I am afraid of heights and i was paying it when we boarded the cable car. I can't really believe i still alive now. Cable car is RM5 one way and we go both way so it's RM10. I think around 20min to arrive at the peak already. Since it was early morning it was really chilled. But we are a bunch of excited kids..

Strolling around and ate Nasi Lemak after a chilling walk..really worth it..really mind relaxing..

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