Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life as Karma

My heart felt nothing
But then it’s beating
Won’t u come and felt it
Won’t you try to calm it

Knowing myself won’t falter
From all the truth u throw after
I get it from my past my faithful teacher
But  i am not going to be bitchy or bitter

Life has its downfall
Life has its glitter
Life is a hard wall
Life is never been about her

I know my love will be brighter
To shine those who deserve the power
Happiness for my every lover
And a hole in the heart for the loser

While the truth never hide
I would advise you to be polite
No drama & please don’t make it light
Cause then you’ll might be a slight

Karma is a devious play
And you don’t want to be stuck in clay
Cause what goes around comes around
And then you might be force to pay

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