Monday, September 19, 2011


Hmm see how this topic can be a long groveling list from me.. ha ha i feel annoyed today, just now.  Can be annoyed with a person , a family, a boyfriend or friends. You can be annoyed to co-workers also, people around you and strangers. 

How can a person annoys you??

Well so easy.. they being a jerk and didn't even realize it them self. Well said isn't it. Most of the cases is like that. They don't even knew they annoyed another person. 
Don't get me wrong. Annoyed is totally different from mad or angry. It's just the feeling of " His face is so stupid i don't think i want to see it".. and mad will be like this " His face is so stupid i want to hack it off with a saw and feed it to the jaws"... yeah, so you got the different right.

Today i felt slightly overwhelmed by someone close. I believe in protecting the person you love. I believe in truth and honesty. I believe in punctuality. But some person just doesn't born in dinosaur era like me. They are borne in this Era which people stab in the back, time is wasted.. honesty is child's play and truth is just opposite of failure. I felt slightly old with my way of thinking but life without good faith is wasted anyway..

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