Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Q Sushi One Utama

We went to eat here shortly after Old Asia Cafe because that person still felt hungry. It's like a one stop Sushi Center. Upper level in the middle of One Utama. I don't really recommend sushi lovers for this one. The Shoyu really salty, which what i hated most whenever i went out eating Japanese. I hated those salty shoyu. It's like eating a cheap ketchup with wasabi.. the expensive Japanese buffet  in One Utama ( is it Jogoya..not sure but you can eat not only sushi but oriental food buffet here) also use a salty ketchup more or less like this one. I remember that time i only eat a little even though had paid around Rm60++ per person. 

Sushi here just normal..i tried the maki but i don't seem to like it since it's kind a hard. Like something you cook then you left it aside making it's outer part felt hard.  Like that la the feeling. Salmon Maki quite bigger than normal size Rm5..assorted Sushi Rm2.50.. Ours bill for that day Rm22 inclusive water..just bring your own, it's not worth to buy here..they just gave you Pokka for Chill Green tea and it cost Rm4..duhh..

After One Utama we go to Mon't Kiara walking around..wrong?? ..we went to Tesco first trying to see if any movie worth we went to Mont Kiara and there's a new shopping complex where got a lot of places to eat..we saw Las Vacas next to our favorite ice cream ( going to try next time..he he) and then we went to Soho Mont Kiara to chill out..such a full day out yesterday..and fully stomach i had hu...

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