Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bread Butter Pudding and Spaghetti

Last weekend i was so enthusiastic on cooking and it has been so long that i wanna try making this Butter Bread Pudding. Overall i can say i manage to nail it..he he..it's so easy and i always love this desert which usually eaten with ice cream or cream custard ( i vote for ice cream)..but sadly we can't get our hand on vanilla ice cream so we just eat it with milk..duhh..

My Recipe
Bread - half from the big bundle
Fresh Milk
3 Eggs
Custard Flour
Vanilla Essence

Soak bread which had been spread with butter into fresh milk.. beat eggs + a bit of Custard Flour + Essence of Vanilla..then put the bread onto cake's pan/mould then just pour the batter onto it..then put it in oven for 30 minutes.. it's really nice eating it hot..with ice cream...yummy..


Then i made Spaghetti..hmm it's my dear recipe actually but i totally blew it. It's still tastes really good since my bro took another servings..he he..anyway it's pretty easy also..but it's a secret recipe ;)

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