Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What A Life..

I was browsing through Facebook and seeing my friends going everywhere..seeing them enjoying their life with traveling here and overseas.. meeting up friends and do some activities together and i am glad to say that i am not left behind on this.. 

I have enjoyed my life and because of that i am happy and proud about it..at least i can tell people i have taken flights, i have stayed in hotels and have travel almost all of Malaysia and planning on going abroad ;) 

I will look at my friends activities and smile cause i had fun also instead of being nothing and doing nothing..and that's why i guess we have to enjoy our younger times so that when we get older we won't be sorry with what we have now and what we should have done..

So guys and gurls..if you're still young my advice is " Enjoy It "..go on holidays, travel, do stuff like climbing, hiking..go places you've never been, being crazy with friends and earn big bucks so you won't feel sorry for your life later on.. and study..get in to college, get yourself a dip or degree so people will respect you !! 

Life isn't fair and it sometimes sucks..but if we earn money that doesn't matter cause we can make our worlds better our self ;) xo xo..

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