Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook - Good or Bad ?

Just the other day i had a talk with my dear about this cause i was a tad bit complaining bout my lovely friends habit when we were out for yam cha.. they take out all their fancy phones or ipad and started facebook-ing . I'm actually ok if they just check in ( they always do) saying we are here right now with ya da ya da..but i am not comfortable when they actually buried them self into the device and started to spent time with their facebook friends. 

We were like in front of each other but not talking and you know what's funny..we were commenting on each other on Facebook when we were just face to face.. i see a lot of families also like that nowadays when we went out to eat. Since now almost everywhere is a free Wifi Zone it gets worse. Communication become rare even when we sit at the same table. Same like sports we forgotten when kids nowadays prefer play station ( like a necessity-my bro got 1) and x-box..

So when people said Facebook is bad, i agree and not agree.. everything got pro and cons and you can't blame on Facebook when it's your finger who types, right! The good ness of facebook were you are connected with long lost friends and relatives, knew where to dine and see a lot of places through your friends eyes..  if wrongly used, relationship will cracked, time wasted and ect ect.. 

Use Facebook smartly..take a little time there and a lot of times doing other stuff like going out with friends, hanging out with families and finished up your works before you Facebook ;) be responsible upon yourself cause no one can do harm to you other than you!

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