Monday, February 6, 2012

Langkawi Island Day 2 - Dinner at Boutique Cafe, Pantai Cenang

Just across the street from Pantai Cenang

It was actually fine dining. Course by course but we are so hungry at that moment that we asked them to bring it all out..there were actually a lot more than shown above. We got Crab, Squid, Prawn in Butter, Honey Lemon Chicken and we got that Lobster, Fish and there's the appetizer ( sort like cocktail prawn) and there's the Sorbet i vanquished before i remember to take the picture ( hey, i was so hungry)..

Overall the food were fresh but the cooking just sucks..we don't really like our food..but the lobster was finished pretty quickly..ha ha ..overall i don't recommend anyone to eat at this Restaurant..  

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