Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Asia Cafe One Utama

                                            Vietnam Chicken Set and Sang Har Mee

        Forgot!( some kind of fish tofu)       

                                    Soda Mint Herbs ( like Williams' Soda Herbs)

                                      Just Next to our table - Diving Centre Pool

Yesterday we went out for food stomach getting big hu.. anyway we walk around with me wearing my Angry Bird shirt and selipar jepun ( later he bought me a pair of heels..ha ha), i just don't know we're going to One Utama or i'll wear my pretty pretty dresses la..

Anyway after one big round looking for shoes to buy and places to eat, we settle down for this one since there's a lot on the menu..he actually wanted to try Japanese Food..again..sighh..Old Asia Cafe at LG level next to Sushi Zanmai and Kenny Rogers or is it that peri-peri chicken..can't remember but it's side by side with the diving center..

Anyway the food were pretty decent..not too good until i want to come back but ok enough to make yourself full..obviously he did not since later we went to try Q Sushi at upper level. The Soda Mint Herbs really good..other than that i can't say more..prawn on Sang Har Mee quite big..that's all ..

Price : For 2 person ( ours was set lunch i think) around Rm50.20 kua..i don't pay so i don't pay attention also.. he he..

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