Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Safe House

Yesterday night we went out for dinner and a movie. Even though there's no exciting movie we wish to see we just choose one of it. And we watched Safe House since the actors were A listed and it's an action pack. Nothing wrong with an actions pack movie except that lots of person dying.

Anyway it's not a truly good movie but at least they got a lot of actions going on. Denzel played a CIA agent who betrayed the country and sold info to various countries. He was the most wanted and the most dangerous agents there was. He invented the manual for CIA's interrogation and he's really good in what he do. The file that he got recently was a file showing corrupted agents from all agencies such as CIA, MI6 and so on.. so a lot of person trying to kill him to get that info back. No choice he walks into US Embassy and got caught.

So like usual la there's the mole in the ops and the safe house was breach. Where Ryan Reynolds the house keeper trying to save him and bring him in alive to prove himself. In the end they form some sort of bond but he died in the end..

Hmm such a normal plot..where there's a lot of same movies out the verdict : just for passing time can la go watch. If not better don't waste money la..anyway i have no qualms since yours truly belanja me..he he

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