Friday, February 3, 2012

Bangsar Village Shopping Mall

Well another place to cross from my list. Yeah before yesterday nite i never been to Bangsar Village Shopping I and II.. We went around almost 3 times looking for parking and after a while found one quite far and on a yellow lines. We were pretty lucky cause soon after we finished our tour, the ticket being issued to the car in front of us. Luckily we don't choose to eat over there. It was pretty at night with all the lights and still in the mood for Chinese New Year..overall if you are a high end buyer then you'll enjoy this place immensely. If you're like me who like street shopping then you'll be disappointed.. i guess it was a shopping heaven on weekend only.. even though felt disappointed but at least i can cross this off my going to shopping complexes ;)

 Bangsar Village II, Gold Dragon

Bangsar Village I, Origami's 

I got a big Lollipop ..yeah

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