Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hokkien New Year

Chinese New Year is a fifteen day celebration. Hokkien New Year is celebrated on the 9th day of Chinese New Year. For Hokkiens, it is celebrated with more grandeur compared to the 1st day. This is because the Hokkiens were in hiding for the first eight days of Chinese New Year, and only had the chance to celebrate the New Year on the 9th day. The belief is that the Jade Emperor (Thee kong – translated as “king of the heavens”) protected our Hokkien ancestors from being caught, which is why we offer thanksgiving prayers to him.

Although these prayers are traditionally only performed by Hokkiens, more and more non-Hokkien people have started to join in to pray for a good year ahead.

And that's why we heard a lot of fire crackers at night in the middle of Chinese New Year. I often wonder and my dear had lighten me up on this. A lot of Malays or other races doesn't realize about this also. So, this is me sharing what i knew about Chinese Customs. 

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