Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fix it PRO : Yeay or Nay

I've been having scratch mark on my car from whoever bastard which hit and then run. It's pretty annoying my perfect white car suddenly got black line on the side. So when i saw this on groupon at Rm19.90 for 2 i bought it. And i've been regretting it as well. It's totally no use and a waste of money. But since i've been bought by the advertisement ( i think a lot person does) it's just plainly like a liar product.
And then my hubby bought this at hardware store at Rm20. It's like waxing your car at the car wash but there more expensive cause you have to pay Rm100 ( my hubby asked already) at least for 1 whole car. So he done it himself la and my car never look shinier and almost scratch free.

So my advise don't waste money on sending your car for repainting if the scratch that small and don't ever buy those fix it PRO. I think there are actually the cleaner & polish but has been repacking in the tiny pen and sold for a lot of money. Totally lying to people like me who don't know much about car. Just buy some cleaner & polish from hardware store and do it yourself. It can be a really good exercise oh. One more thing, do it during hot weather cause if raining you have to send your car for chemical wash pulak..he he

It's TOTALLY NAY for Fix it PRO la..

 My darling teman daddy waxing mommy's car....

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