Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Fun with Besties

Quite a boring day. All alone in the office with nothing to do. Just me and the internet..sighhh...ha ha.. baby Mika has been driving her mommy crazy with her cute-ness and has been making daddy crazy with her loudness. Anyway weekend has been great with me going out with besties and tagging along of course baby Mika. Seeing my life now it's hard to imagine it would be like this with a baby and family. Fate has been so kind to me and my forgiving attitude. 

Anyway can't imagine how my life would be now if i'm not married. Probably visiting the world and having different kind of fun i guess. Either way my life just perfect as it is.My dear has been a perfect daddy and a husband and i'm glad we get married. My mother in law not as scary as i heard and she treat me really nice as well. So it's just perfect..thank god! 

P/s : Taro Wagashi at KL Festival City Mall is not tasty. Kind of sucks..

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