Thursday, October 31, 2013

Soft Bread - Lazy Recipe

Should post it long time already but i keep forgetting to take pictures of the outcome ( still are..ha ha)

So picture will be posted once i get my phone into the fridge.. 

Ok here how it is..

Flour  - around 500g since i just empty half of the 1kg pack
Sugar - 3 tablespoon
Salt    - a pinch
Warm Water - pour bit by bit until you got soft dough ( slightly stick to your hand flour)
Cooking Oil or Corn Oil - i have tried using both and worked out ok. Around quarter/half of IKEA cup
Yeast - i use half of the 11g pack of mauripan

Actual recipe use warm milk instead of just plain water. I bet it taste even better but this just me baking with whatever i have. So, no milk at house..har har har..

1. Put FLOUR + SUGAR + SALT + YEAST in a bowl and stir a bit with knife until mix
2. Put warm water bit by bit and stir using knife until it sorts of clumping together
3. Pour oil  into the flour and start mixing using hand
4. If the flour not yet become dough then pour more warm water

5. Knead it around 5 minutes until you feel it firm then left inside the bowl with clean towel closing the bowl.

6. After 2 hours it will rise. Knead it and make shape out of it. Then left it to rise some more. Around 1 hour ke. After that you bake it for around 15-20 minutes 180 celcius.

7. Tap the bottom and hear the hollow sound to know it's cooked or not..

Attention : If your dough did not rise than maybe you water not warm enough or too warm. I don have thermometer ( no need la) so to make sure just use your hand. The water should be hot but not scalding. That's it. 

Most of the videos will ask you to first mix yeast + warm water/warm milk + sugar  first and wait for it to bubble. I tried this and my bread tak jadi ( me failed) i just stick with putting all ingredients and then only water and oil. 

My advise : Try to adjust accordingly la. After 2 to 3 times you get a hold on it already. No need fancy stuff and fancy ingredients..ha ha..

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