Thursday, October 10, 2013

Idli : My First Love of Indian Food

First time i ate Indian food was in secondary school. During Deepavali i went to my master (i took Tae-kwando in school) house and they serve this home made idli. I mean with all the grinding traditional. Really tasty and i don't think i ever ate something like that after that. The tastiest idli i ever had. Such a memory we made during our teenage years. 

I'm pretty popular in my first secondary school. From form 1 to middle of form 4 i schooled at Sekolah Kebangsaan near my house and after that off to Sekolah Teknik. During my years in Sekolah Kebangsaan i've been an avid runner in fact famous for it and i got my blue colour tae-kwando belt there as well. I'm even a vice president of a club during my form 3. Quite young but then i'm one of that force you cannot reckon with. Ha ha..

When in Sekolah Teknik i've become so lazy and pretend i don't know about sports or running. They left me alone but my previous school teacher changed to this school and blackmailed me into playing hockey. Sighh..i'm forever burned by the sun during those time. SO eager to compete.

Now i'm just an old lady who likes to eat and forgo all those mean exercise.. wishful thinking on my figure during school time..sighhhh....

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