Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To While or Whilst : That is the Question

Ha ha so cliche.. 

I often like to use whilst and suddenly i'm wondering what the different between the 2. I've read thousand of English novels ( not exaggerating) in my lifetime until now la, and i can write in English better than i speak as well. So often than not i stumble upon this word and i've been known to use words that not really usual in my league of peer. Since they all not as consume on reading as me. 

Both while and whilst have been in the language for a very long time. While was in use in Old English; whilst is a Middle English development of while. As conjunctions they are interchangeable in meaning, but whilst has not survived in standard American English.

To the American ear whilst sounds quaint. Some British and Canadian speakers think it sounds literary or old-fashioned, but many British speakers prefer it to while

As you all knew in Malaysia some of us use standard American - English whilst ( see, i use it again) others following British - English. So, that's why when you are using WORDS sometimes they change your typing according to your language setting. From colour become color. 

Anything with -our is British-English which Malaysian should be using since we've once been conquer by them.So instead of color we should use colour. Even though it's been marked red right now. Ha ha..I guess Englishmen likes it long and better sound. I just loves those Britt with their accents..

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