Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy Weekend

My butter cookies sad my darling ate it all. Need to do fresh batch when i'm not lazy. I send some to my mother in law last week and looks like the comment was positive..sighhh so glad..since she's been sending us some of her cooking as well. And she actually considered me when cooking.. i'm flattered and thankful for it.

Last week she cooked Assam Squid and Prawns for us (maybe for me more..ha ha) and week before that Ayam Kampung herbal or something. Ok i totally love my mother in law but of course la i'm a shy person. Looking at me i don't think people realize i like/love them. I'm totally close up and fierce.  Ha ha.. except for people who knew me, know how soft i am..maybe this weekend we'll bring my mother in law somewhere to eat. Yums..

Last weekend i just manage to bake Vico Chocolate Cake as requested by my dear and i bake some bread as well. I've perfected my cheap and soft bread technique.  Ha last post will get you a hard bread but i manage to bake more soft type with few alterations. I'll share in the next post..

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