Friday, September 27, 2013

Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

Me seriously doesn't dig the movies. I've read a lot of books that suddenly being made into movie and i felt no satisfaction about it. Some of the movie altered the book as well. Like Warm Bodies. I actually fast forward the whole movie. And if you read the book than you know what i say bout the change.

I've read all the books until Mockingjay. Maybe there's a lot of melt down by Katniss more than anything but she's only human and that's make the book kind a real i guess. Even though i think lots of reader wants her to be stronger than that after all those dying man trying to save her and all. 

I guess moral of the story is she's just a human even though how strong she has been portrayed and  even if she's the heroine of this book. It's impossible to be ignorant through all those pains and scaring. 

Always be YAY for books and NAY for movie adaptation..

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