Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

If you've seen the movies, did you knew that it was actually a book published in 2010. I've just read the books and haven't seen the movie yet. Since my phone transfer cable had been history by Lola's ( my cat) chewy teeth it's hard for me to transfer big files such as video to my phone.

So i haven't watch the movie yet even though i had it. Just need to get my hard disk from the house so i can transfer the file and watch at house. Hu hu...

Anyway the book kind of short. And i felt not really satisfy reading it. It's a great story about life changing zombie. "R" the main hero is a zombie. He likes to eat brain cause it gave him glimpse of the owner life. Something that he forgot about how's life used to be. Then on a hunt he ate Julie's boyfriend, Perry's brain . He start to get glimpse and it's more than he used to get. He save Julie from the other Zombie and eventually the starting for his change. He started to talk again. Inside his head, Perry is speaking to him and showing him his and Julie's past. It's like they are merging together. 

Bit by bit "R" started to change and so do other zombies outside. And then the stories just stop there. Sighhh..

But there are prequel meaning a story before Warm Bodies coming out 2013. The New Hunger - a story about all of the character before this. How "R" ,Julie & Nora before "Warm Bodies".

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