Friday, September 13, 2013

Movie I Wish to See Again - Bcuz of U

I am pretty universal person. I watch all exciting movies without prejudice. When we were in University, we use to cram our self in my room and watch movies or drama. That time around year 2000 Japanese drama quite popular and we use to buy at Kotaraya at cheap price. Then we trade between the boys as well. Korean also already popular amongst us teenagers. Their love story and quirky sense of style not to mention funny really gets to us. 

So far i've downloaded movies that we use to see last time but one Philippines movie i can't find online. Bcuz of You. That time i think it's an exciting movie to watch. It revolve around 1 red Volkswagen and their owner. 3 love stories. I'm hoping to find it at video store sometimes.

Really recommended this one ^^

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