Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sleepy Tuesday

Freakin-tastic.. yesterday break fasting with Uncle Phillips & Chui Mei and we went back pretty late to house..now i'm a dead fish since at 4a.m my dear woke me up for sahur..

Thanks god he already prepared everything for me and i just have to eat only..thanks my dear..

Well the place that Uncle Phillips brought us was pretty wonderful. It's a Vege Fish Farm in Ulu Langat. If someone didn't bring u there you won't know it's actually exist at all. We ate seafood there. Pretty romantic ambiance and we talk and laugh a lot.

The price?? well it's kind of on the side of expensive but then we just enjoyed our food. It's still consider affordable for us.

I think we reached house around 11p.m last nite. wow.. and now my eyes getting narrow and narrower..

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