Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dating day- Chili's & One Utama

I actually ask my darl whether he wants to watch Wolverine or not and he said no mood for that and that's kinda ok for me coz i don really feel too as well. Then he pick me up from work and straightly went to One Utama for dating. We walk around thinking what to eat..either Seoul Garden or Chilli's or other place and coz darl always said want to eat at Chilli's for some time and i always tell him no ( after yesterday only i know y i keep saying no).. we've been skipping Chilli's for years now. Last time my darl always like to go there and me not..

My darl ate Mushroom Jack Fajitas - beef  RM48.95

Mine - Ramadhan Combo Ribeye Steak Rm51.95

Tostada Chips - bottomless RM13.95

Chili - RM11.95

Bottomless Fanta Grape RM6.95

The Verdict : It's bad and expensive and totally not worth it. Now i know why i've been avoiding Chilli's all these years. The good things that maybe will make me come back will only be the bottomless Tostada chips & their bottomless drinks in the future.

They overcooked my darl Mushroom Jack's beef..he asked for medium rare coz it's served in hot plate so it bound to still be cooked when we eat it..but it come out medium well and it's become quite tough meat after a while. I can still feel my gums hurt until now. 

My steak on the other hand was medium rare when i ask for medium well.. O.M.G! 
They forgot my Ceaser Salad - part of the set.. and the steak just tastless meat and not very tender. It's a expensive one..urghhhh

Then we ordered Chilli thinking maybe it's better but no no's taste like grind meat cooked with curry powder. Oh my lord.. hence i said go for tostada chips only if you're here.. i rather eat at Tony Roma's or Brazilian Churascria ( malas nak googled 4 right spelling).. and the price we pay would be less than here..

Our bill came out as RM191.25.. our tax only RM16.49 + can actually get decent meal for just the tax only..

So we pledge to omit Chilli's from our list of restaurant in the future..

P/S : they are selling baby stuff really cheap in front of Parkson same floor as Chilli's..that baby carrier just RM65 rather than actual price RM99. It's real coz i've seen that model sell for that price at JUSCO. 
My dear also bought me Revlon lip tint that i want so much after we went around and i never wanted to buys bags & shoes he showed me ..awww

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