Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fasting : First Day

I bet we're eager to wake up for Sahur this morning..first day mah..ha ha

But then after day to day we will get lazy to even open our eyes..

Normal scenario la tu..for us who from small until now never tuang puasa then can last until break fasting later at 7.30 nite la. But for those new ( like my hubby) sure cannot one..some more yang selalu tuang puasa tu..hampeh 

But it's fun fact of life la..

I bet other race more excited than Malay cause they don have to fasting and still got to go to bazar ramadhan later which consist of wide spread of delicacies.  This is the time to splurge but more so people do it recklessly. 

So guys buy what you can eat only..heck there's a lot of food and you got one month bro to sample each and every one. So, mo sam kap.. man man lei.. he he

For me fasting means i got to forgo lunch routine which becoming very boring indeed. And shorter hour at work. I'll be finish working at 4.30 p.m now..muahahahahaha....

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