Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Iftar at Nando's

Yesterday i took a time out from my dear and have some fun with my girl Zura. As she said to her husband, we were in our formal hang out place at KL Festival City Mall, Setapak. So, we just wants to talk, hang around and do bits of shopping. 

As it's fasting month all eateries must be booked earlier to avoid disappointment. And my advise to non-muslim..during this month avoid Halal's restaurants since it will be usually full  around 7.30.. we booked our place around 6.30p.m and there's only 1 table left at that time. So, imagine that. You have to reserve your spot. But after 8 pm usually it will quited down since we have to eat faster to catch up with our Maghrib prayer.

So, we took break fasting deal at Rm56..there are 1 salad + 2 x 1/4 chicken with 2 side dishes + 3 smal pcs of cakes ( like cake batik one) + bottomless drink ( ice lemon tea /coke).. our total bill includes taxes Rm64 something. 

Overall the taste is quite ok la. I took the extra hot peri-peri chicken which by my standard not hot at all. I have to add the too hot sauce several time to get the kick. The food came a bit late after break fasting and it's cold. I wonder what took them so long when it's cold.. the service pretty good and we have our bottomless refill in no time..

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