Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Facebook & Youtube : Promoting Racism to Religion

Sudah sudahlah tu.. that's enough.. 

It's like youngster (minority) today really want to be famous but not in a good way. No matter what religion and what race you are it doesn't matter. We live in one soil, why must you provoke other people and create a drama. It's not with good happy ending and it lacks of moral values as well. Is that what you want to teach to your children in the future. In actual lives we really good to each other especially one's who live without internet namely villagers and old timers. Please don't break that ties as well, as we can see youngster becoming more and more racist. 

I'm not bluffing. Yesterday i went to a phone shop. One of the guys attend me and he seems really nice ( of coz la want to sell barang mah) and the others sit and just ignore us. I told him just looking around and he said never mind and still attend me. After seeing some phones and he give me prices + discount i told him it's expensive and will think about it ( i saw the same model much cheaper somewhere else) and walking away. The other guys told him in Mandrin.. Malay people mah (sounds insulting like we cannot afford).. yes i am a Malay but i married to Chinese. I knew what they said and it's hurt my feelings a bit. And to tell the truth i can even afford to buy that damn I Phone. I just don want cause i love my money so much to waste it. Nowadays a lot of Malays knew and understand Huayu or Cantonese. So don't just treat anyone without respect. That goes both ways k. P/s : we learn Huayu in UiTM for Business Faculty so watch out. There's so many Malays knew basic of Mandrin language ^^

Couple weeks back it's Alvin & Vivian's controversial break fasting video broke out.. this one even Chinese that i knew thought they were mad.. Now it's our own brother made a video regarding dogs and raya. What have happen to our society nowadays..

Can't we leave out what others hold dear to their heart be.. if you love to eat that Bak Kut Teh then eat la..we Muslims cannot eat only mah..we don't asked you to not eat it also what.. so why want to use our prerogative to halal as an issue.. 

And for Chetz Yusof, if you loves dogs so much it's your life what..why want to drag religion into this..truthfully as a Muslim i myself have seen the change in our religion and i always stick up with what i learn when i'm just a kid. Cause sometimes i think it's more legit than now. There's so many people making videos or taking videos of Ustaz's opinion on the subject. And sometimes their opinion differ from each other. And they also have to learn to stick to the fact and not giving their own opinion when they give their speech cause people might use it as their believe.

As a kid we learn at school that we cannot eat pig cause it will be harmful to our health. If not cooked properly i think since Chinese seems healthy. But we embrace it and that's that. No need to have other opinion or explanation or whatever. It's stated in our religion so we follow. Simple and easy. No pun intended for those who eat it.

As for dogs, we can have them but only for purpose like safety and last time they use for hunting food. Only that. Even when we kept them for those stuff, we have to do the "Samak" - wash whatever their saliva or wet things from them that fall upon us with clay water and then water 7 times. It's also a health things. And i think ( my opinion ok) why we are not allowed to keep them is they tend to make us forget to do our duties cause they are so cute and cuddly and wants our attention most of the time. Opposite from cats which tend to avoid us unless it's eating time. So, it's impossible their saliva will only gets to you kan..must be whole house you want to Samak the whole house ke that's why it's not convenient for us to keep dogs.. not that we don like them..

I like them a lot you know.. i sometimes went to Desa Parkcity and pet them as well. But Chetz is so wrong by doing that video. It's not suitable at all. No matter how many video from Ustaz's he posted explaining it's not is for me. There will be no legitimate Uztaz will says it's right for you to have a dog in your house and you can pray 5 times a day with them near you.

And then it's just my opinion...

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