Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aino Living Warehouse Sales

Yup it happen nearby. At Desa Parkcity.. so after work yesterday at 4.30pm i straightly go there. I'm thinking to dash off pretty quick since weekdays shouldn't be too crowded than weekend. But boy do i got it all wrong.. it took us 2 hours in line just to pay for the goods we bought.. my dear was really losing his cool and so does i..

2 damn fucking hours.. around 6.30pm only we manage to get our stuff paid..

Rm20 - 5pcs

Other than that i bought blue plates that goes for Rm2 per pc. They got this really beautiful claytan set for Rm20 1 set and Claytan green plate really pretty at Rm7 per pc. Actually it's kind of worth it to go and buy but the process of payment is a night mare. I hope they settle it after yesterday. Since it's day one and they should have seen the error by now and improve it cause weekend crowd will be much more..  

Thanks to my dear cause put up with me and my warehouse sales hu..

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