Monday, July 22, 2013

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak are you this fasting season..Alhamdulillah my days are still full and i haven't skip a day of it..thank god for giving me strength!

Well it's been a slow month except when it's time to makan many many wastage and so many free meal..just go to the mosque and you'll have buffet spread and zero expenses.. This time of the month if the fatty month even though we are not eating through out the day..

There are so many benefits of fasting to our health as well as our mind. Train us to be patient and cool.. for me it means gets to off from work early, 4.30 i chow already and no need to cook..just buy la..ha ha..

Aside from that it's just a normal typical day..yada yada yada..until raya holiday..yea..cannot wait for that..anyway be careful when buying food at bazar Ramadhan cause they all just want to untung only. Yesterday i bought bubur jagung for my mom at Damansara Damai bazar there and it's spoil already.. they are so rotten.. huh.. 

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