Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heart Matters

For me i'm all for heart. It's not easy to have someone do something willingly for you unless they are close at heart. Money yeah they can buy anything but heart cut close to the truth always..

Today my dear gave me 2 wallets. Even though it's not exactly Prada or Gucci or expensive or what i would choose for myself i totally happy being surprised by him. He went to bought it for me and surprised me with it when he came back from work today. That's just sweet. 

He said one really similar to his wallet now..white colour and another one should be use when there's function..just leave it to him to think like that..

Anyway he knows i would kill him if buys expensive stuff that totally not worth it and i love him to death cause of that. Heart matters in anything you do or whatever person done for you..even when it's not ur thing.. come on..white ??? anyway i'll use it anyway..thanks for both wallet dear ;)

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