Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pulau Pangkor Round The Island - Day 2

We are so ready to conquer the Island after breakfast. So we took the scooter and started our journey. Honestly i am a bit skeptical cause the last time i touched a scooter was over 3 to 4 years ago. And i never ever bring someone else also. It was the first but we made it. At first we headed to town since the tank kinda empty. We were crossing our finger and hope we make it and we made it. After that we were following the sign board to the Dutch Fort located in Kg Teluk Gedong. It's not much really and i'm not really into historic things like that. I rather be at the beach.

Anyway after around 15minutes we left and headed to Teluk Ketapang. It's just along the way back to Teluk Nipah. We plan to jump into the sea and i'm the only one jumping my feet out of the water.

Warning guys : there's a reason why the beach deserted - it is full of small sea urchin with pointy needles. I learn it the hard way. Got my feet pricked with it. It was painful a bit and the good part it my dear was saved by my foolishness.  While he was chasing a crab i am jumping with one feet up.

So we packed up and dress up and ride our scooter to Teluk Nipah..actually we went over Teluk Nipah until Teluk Dalam..and damn.. Teluk Nipah is the best place to stay for me..

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