Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IKEA : Window Shopping with Besties

It's just one of those days we went out having fun together. I just love them. Usually i went to Wangsa Maju area there since one of them live in Cheras while the other in the middle - area Ukay Perdana there. So since i live in Kepong then it makes us even. Anyway this time they suggested IKEA as the place to hang out. 

Last time we seen each other we end up having picnic in Zura's house ( it's raining hu hu) when we plan to go to FRIM and then hang out at Wangsa Walk ( damn boring already going here). So this time we went for window shopping and since Nurul never been to IKEA ( always Mid Valley & KLCC..hu hu) then we made up our mind. 

So after lost couple of times and having me to look them up we finally reach IKEA at 12 something. I parked my car ( i drove since i knew the way) at The Curve. Plenty of parking even on Saturday if you get there around that time. Then we walk to IKEA which just across the street from The Curve.

 ok..it's totally cool to take pictures here..he he..jadi jakun sekejap

After that we went to eat at The Street - The Curve at Bumbu Desa..a Sudanese /Indonesian style food. Well for one thing it's quite expensive and the drinks also cost most than the food. Anyway we were more than ok to afford it. After all what's the use of  us working right. It was our first try of that kind of food and it cost us almost RM80 for total bill. For such little portion and expensive drinks.

But then Nurul took over and paid the whole bill. Belanja kami la tu.. 

There's another picture missing which was Asam Pedas Patin.. anyway we enjoyed the food and the company and we're having a blast of time.. wonder where will go for next outings ;)

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