Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pulau Pangkor - Day 1

Honestly it was a last minute decision since out month long plan to Cherating got to be cancelled because of the flooding. So sad since already booked the hotel and already plan where to eat.

Anyway just imagine our trip in the middle of super peak season and having to try to get another accommodation. It was daunting to say at least. At last we got a nice chalet in Teluk Nipah but instead of 4 days 3 night as earlier plan we have to cut short it to 3 days 2 night only..sob sob..since there's no empty room on Saturday 29.12.2012.. 

So early morning around 8a.m after breakfast on 30th Dec 2012 we drove using the old road Kuala Selangor to Lumut. Around 10 something we arrived and park our car inside a building and rush to get the Ferry ticket. I am so excited cause it's the first time i went to Pangkor even though my mom's hometown really near and we went to Teluk Batik a lot. 

Anyway Ferry Ticket for 2 person = RM20 ( Lumut-Pangkor-Lumut)

We were really lucky cause we got the white Ferry which has it's deck open for passenger and that's where we stayed around 30 minutes ferry ride to Pulau Pangkor. With wind on our face..

It was so syiok! 

When we arrived at the Jetty we straightly found our ride..the pink van taxi which cost us RM15 to Teluk Nipah. Please ignore all those vehicles they offer there for rent cause it's expensive. 

The taxi driver point us to our chalet which by the way is so lovely ;)

Ombak Inn Chalet - Peak rate for standard chalet should be RM150 but i manage to get ka-ching, ka-ching for 3 days 2 night RM240.. thanks to Puan Nani giving me the special price ;)

It was rated no 2 in Trip Advisor for really good treatment from the owner and i can tell you that the Chalet itself was really nice. The ambiance and basic amenities such as Ice Box , Air Cond and Hot Water bath included. So worth the price and the Chalet just 2 minutes walk to the beach. For your info all the chalets in Teluk Nipah are across the street from beach. And we were lucky to get Ombak Inn since it's not further inside that we had to walk far for the beach. 

After putting down our stuff we change into swimming suits and headed for lunch and beach. Their eateries really besides the beach only. So first day we eat simple Chicken Rice for both of us plus water and those fried fish balls RM14 something. 

Full already we just walk on the beach and swim until evening.. so relaxing.. i'll continue on our dinner on the next post ya..xoxo

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