Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BFF's Rendezvous!

Yesterday nite we went out together to dinner. Since we met at my friends workplace near Melawati so either we went to Wangsa Walk ( eww already) or Festival City Mall. So we choose for Festival City Mall since Nurul haven't been there yet.

Guess where we eat yesterday ?

Ha ha cause there are so many places to choose i suggest that we go for Sakura Kristal cause i just loves their mixed grill and knew they will too.. so Nurul ordered Tomyam Meehoon, her ice blended and i ordered mixed grill for me and Zura. She's the light eater in the group. Cause i cough a lot i went for hot chinese tea and Zura Sea Coconut Longan i think. 

Anyway they just loves the food there. Correct right both of u..he he.. anyway Nurul taken some picture with her Iphone 4s ( bragging) and she's a little slow at uploading so just have to wait la..

And thanks Zura for tons of Chocolates she bought for me from Langkawi.. yummeh!

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