Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dinner at Pulau Pangkor - Day 2

Ok we were seriously lucky cause we planned to have dinner at Horizon Inn that night since the food sucks at Seafood restaurant in Teluk Nipah but when we got back to Ombak Inn the owner asked us whether we want to join the New Year Barbecue they planned out at only RM48 percouple. That was completely worth it plus it's seafood babeh..

So we said yes, pay up and went to our chalet to refresh first. Ours was number one meaning just next to the dine in place. Really convenient and near since we were pretty lazy bums. Anyway let's check out those awesome fares we ate up that night..yummeh.. 

Our dinner was so romantic with lamp and garden seating..and this was my dear breaking the crab for me..i just sucks at it..and you can see his full..ha ha

 Anyway for RM48 for both of us we got..

1) Fresh Crab as seen..u know at the seafood there 1 crab cost RM8..
2) Fresh big prawns
3) Squids
4) Fish fillet
5) Mash potatoes - my dear just loves it
6) Lamb
7) Salads
8) Tomyam
9) Soup
10) Ice Cream - Tea- Coffee - Orange Juice

Felt so full and totally worth it..after eating we just went straight back to Chalet and dozed off..we totally celebrated New Year in bed sleeping..ha ha..anyway we are not really the party no pain there..

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