Monday, April 8, 2013

Long Time No Post - Bro Wedding

I am still alive if you are wondering where the hell am i and why there's no new update on this blog..sighh let me be perasan for a while k..i know whoever you are reading this blog felt none whatsoever feelings about me and my damn day to day life.. 

But i'm still shameless in my pursuit of being perasan to the max. It's my blog anyway and i've been blogging nonsense since like forever..duhh..

For past month i've been busy travelling back to my home town helping my mom with my eldest bro wedding. I like wedding as simple as it can get but my bro like it as grand as it can more work for mastermind like me lah.. anyway all is done and i'm glad the nightmares were over..seriously i love my family but they can drive you crazy sometimes..


But then even it's not my wedding my bff's still came to support me and it's their birthday so they got their cakes..between us we can celebrate anything..anywhere..even on my brother's wedding day. I made those cupcakes they're holding..puff..puff -->being proud..ha ha

Anyway my life's never been boring and even when it is, i choose it that way cause i'm a pretty lay back person.. i believe in living life to the fullest but still being responsible in a way you are rational about being on this earth.. whatever you see other people live their life it can never be the same for you cause we all have things we are responsible with like family, friends, expenses, bills to pay and don't compare yourself and certainly don't take money as everything.. 

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