Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pretty in the Eye of a Man

There is this girl
She thinks she's pretty that she had to have it all
The money, a handsome prince and his heart
But she forgot who she is
A pretty face that wouldn't last
And worse she don't have a loving heart

It's every normal girl dreams i think to be beautiful in whatever state they are in the eye of a man. Especially the one who matter. 

For me loving meaning giving with hearts without asking anything back. I mean if i need money i can actually work and earn it myself so there's no need for me to go and look for guys with tons of money. I just need someone responsible enough for himself  so that he can love me for myself. 

It is sad for those who seek money more than love. It's like they are giving their heart a value to be sell. I've seen those a lot. Sure, sometimes they landed on gold mines but you cannot pretend to love someone and live with him for long. This one i can vouch for it. Eventually true colours will come out. 

Personally, i have an experience dealing with this kind of situation. The way i handle it that time.. i just let go and pray that he realize how wrong he has been about letting me go and at the same time hoping he suffer for it. I guess he got both.. now he became a better person..someone with hearts and responsibility.. I just hope people who matter realize how he had changed to be better and be proud of him like i have too..

As a women i know deep in our heart we just need to be cherish, love, pampered and having a shoulder to lean on. Money might be important but it's just something we can work and heart on the other round need to come naturally. 

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