Friday, April 19, 2013

Current Trend - Gwiyomi???

O.M.G...why so many trend come out nowadays.. If i live in the past then suddenly gotten haul into the future i would be Jurassic Park loh.. and believe me people like my dear is one of the dinosaur in this year round. I don't think a lot of guys ( real one not those pretty/sissy/k-pop type ) especially mature one really took all this cultural change seriously and i'm glad my dear still uphold his traditional values. Not that i'm going to criticize someone who does but i prefer my man traditional and manly- thank you very much!

So as long as he don't know what the heck is Gwiyomi i can breathe easily. Last time we had this Meme - where everyone proposed using flash card or what ever and then come the Psy horse dance and before that flash mob.. urghh hard to keep up sometimes. There's tons other stuff that become social uproar and sometimes it's just plain stupid. 

Well maybe you look at those cute Korean and think it's just soo kawaiee to do stuff like that- well they had to make use their plastic surgery cuteness right.. and show it to the world in the cutest way..but for me things like Gwiyomi is child's play. It's cute to see kids do it but not so on adults. But then it's my opinion as a boring, traditional not so social adults. What do i know, right?

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