Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Facebook / Social Network Avatar

This is just so funny and so true.. you can't actually tell the person you saw on social network such as facebook as same as the person you met in real life. They are actually prettier/sexier or cuter in the internet world than in real life. Some more if that person is someone you knew and it will be so hilarious to see him/her doing all that cute stuff when they are not really all that..

But hey it's a fantasy and it's not wrong trying to look your best. But don't go until so extreme that when your friends tag your unplanned picture, it came out as a shock to your followers.. 

Anyway what you do is your responsibility and even as MAPOTI which come on..all of us must have done that at one time..just enjoy and don't over do it.. there's always a real world out there..he he

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