Thursday, May 2, 2013

Labour day - IKEA Hotdog

There were so many people everywhere. At first we thought of watching movies and we went out pretty early. First, we took our breakfast the ever fattening Nasi Lemak..and then i told my dear why not we watch the movie at One Utama. So, he drove us but since we are so early and surely there will be nothing open there then we just went to The Curve. 

Some more the weather was quite down yesterday. So it's still early and no movies yet so i told him lets walk to Ikea. And that's the first time my dear tried those famous cheap hotdog .. ( gasppp) yeah..ha ha

Since there aren't so many people around yet so we don't have to wait the to speak..and he hate that..i guess i am too.. so there you are our first IKEA hotdog together..ha ha

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