Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sakura Kristal, KL Festival City Mall

Yeay, finally i can scratch away Festival City Mall from my list of Malls i wanted to go.. on Saturday whilst waiting for my car being tinted on the opposite side of the mall..my dear and me walk across the big road to cari makan here..it was quite big and full of tenants. It's quite nice also and you can do your sopping here as well..

Cause we're also here for lunch then we are looking for a number of choices and settle for Sakura Kristal.. always wanted to try this one cause i've read a lot of good comments about it.. since the price of Asean Delight was slightly expensive we set on something differ. It's like a rule for us..if you can get Mee Goreng for less, say Rm4, why you want to go to a place like this and order Mee Goreng that priced Rm8.. even thought it's the cheapest..duhh..we opted for something differ and rarely eaten even with a big price tag..

This time we went for Mixed Grill Platter.. 

Mixed grilled

Rm 33

It was quite big and we were ordering just this one for both of us. It was quite generous serving and i especially like the lamb..it was superb.. the chicken grill also was awesome..it's hard to actually find food that really grilled to perfection.. and tasty..they gave us 1 bowl of black pepper sauce and it's good.. the side dishes would make you full..they gave you 1 sausages, sunny side egg, potato wedges and coleslaw as well.. 

Shark fin soup

Shark Fin Soup Rm 13

My dear ordered this..he said it's quite good and i think it's ok la..

Honey lemon tea

Honey Lemon Tea Rm 6 i think...my drink

Hot chocolate mash mellow

Chocolate Mashmellow Rm ?? , i forget already but around 7 to 8 la..

My dear ordered this but i suppose he ordered cause he see me eyeing the drink..ha ha..anyway it's a good lunch and we're surely coming back to try on many other dishes as well..

Our total bill was around Rm 66.. after eating we went shopping (^;^)

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