Friday, November 9, 2012

My Deal - Tint Solution, Setapak

I just loves deals..especially cheap deal which save you a lot of money..sometimes i just felt like bragging when i get the best of deals.. and i really felt like bragging about my car tinted that i got much cheaper than my bro..

My bro got his car tinted for around Rm150 but mine just beat that to the ground when i got the deal at Rm99 only.. it was awesome and it's a good deal..the tinted is just same as normal tinted you got at higher price. It gave me 3 years warranty as well.. and my car looks quite dark with it..just the way i wanted.. 

It really felt differ from before cause now it doesn't feel over heated under the sun and i just loves it..for the value and for the tinted itself..

So make a wise decision and save up.. and you will smile when you think how smart you are amongst your friends and family who doesn't believe in discounted websites.. (^;^)

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